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Five members of the Geary County Sheriff’s Department were honored for their heroism during a County Commission meeting today.

Lieutenant David Gilbert and Deputy Derek Charles assisted an unresponsive woman who passed out in a field near a grass fire in the Old Highway 40, Taylor Road area.

“The reason I took this job was to help people, so my main concern was to make sure that she was okay and that she was alive and breathing and to immediately render aid to her in whichever way I could,” said Deputy Derek Charles.

Lt. Gilbert said that you can’t allow yourself to freeze in stressful or intense moments.

“We had to spray water to douse down the flames around her, and then get extra help to get her up on her feet,” said Gilbert. “She was physically impaired at the time, so we had to get the hose off the truck, pull it and keep the flames down while we got her into another area safe away from the flames.”

The incident occurred a month ago.

In a similar incident – involving fire – Sergeant Eric St. John, and Deputy Nate Clement were honored for their heroism during the massive Bluffs apartment fire in April.

There was a moment during the search and rescue effort that Deputy Clement recalled everyone being on edge. “For quite a while there after we evacuated the building there was one person that was missing and you could tell it was bothering all of us; and then when we finally found out that [he] was located in a different residence it was a huge relief to all of us.”

“A lot of people run away from the things we have to run toward,” said St. John. “Our job is just to save lives…that’s our biggest honor is making sure people get out alive.”

All five men that were honored received framed certificates of honor, a pen, and a challenge coin from the Sheriff’s Department. Challenge coins are issued similar to Military coins to award good merit