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Warrants Division

The primary responsibility of the Warrants Section is the processing of all arrest warrants issued by Geary County District Court. The Warrants Section also processes any out of county and or state warrant for subject’s detained in the Geary County Detention Center.

In an average year, the Geary County Sheriff’s Office receives over 1,500 warrants for processing.

When a warrant is received in the Warrant Section, an immediate process begins towards the execution of the warrant. The process begins with checking to see if the subject is detained in the Geary County Detention Center, followed shortly by entering all information into the Sheriff’s Office database.  If necessary, the warrant is uploaded into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

The Warrants Section is also responsible for making transport arrangements when a person is detained on a Geary County District Court warrant by another agency in the United States.

Per Geary County Sheriff’s Office policy and K.S.A. 21-5906, we do not disclose warrant information over the telephone and only to law enforcement personnel.  Due to security reasons and the safety of all persons involved, we will not discuss any transport or extradition arrangements outside of the agencies.


You may contact the District Court concerning warrant information.  785-762-5221

Visit Kansas District Court Public Access Portal for updated information on your case.

Email: Warrants