826 N. Franklin St., Junction City, KS 66441

Geary County Dive Team

After months of planning and rigorous training, the Geary County Dive Team is now certified and fully mission capable.

Without the efforts of Ted Hayden and Jeff Freeborn of Flint Hills Scuba, we would not have been able to reach our goal as quickly as we have. When the dive team was being formed, it was expected to be fully mission capable by the spring of 2020. Through combined efforts of the Geary County Sheriff’s Department, Junction City Fire Department, Ted and Jeff, the team is now fully mission capable and ready for deployment across the state.
The dive team is now capable of dive rescue and recovery. All members of the dive team have volunteered for the additional duty, on top of their already dangerous jobs.

Lt. Thad Jones—Dive Team Commander
Sgt. Shawn Weeks
Deputy James Regalado
Firefighter EMTA Jason Lankas—Assistant Dive Team Commander
Firefighter Paramedic Todd Bogenhagan
Firefighter EMTA John Shepek
Firefighter EMTA Paul Rabek
Firefighter EMTA Yeriela Bell