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Integrity. Respect. Fairness. Service.




Photo: Milford Lake in Geary County, KS

Geary County Sheriff’s Office

Mission Statement

The mission of the men and women of the Geary County Sheriff’s Department is to safeguard the lives, Constitutional Rights and property of those in our community by fairly and impartially enforcing state and local laws while relentlessly pursuing those who commit crimes and bringing them to justice. We will perform our public safety and custodial duties with honor, courage, compassion, and fidelity while holding ourselves accountable to the community we serve. We will uphold the Constitution of the State of Kansas, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Core Values


We will safe guard the trust placed in us by the community we serve with honest, impartial and just enforcement of the law.


We will perform our duties always remaining resolute, holding the safety of those we are sworn to protect first and foremost in everything we do.


Our chosen profession is one of service to our community. We will exercise empathy and compassion in the face of trials and tribulations of others.


We will remain faithful and dedicated to our community, to our chosen profession, and to each other.


We commit to professional integrity and fiscal responsibility and will remain accountable for our actions, both on and off duty, preserving the trust of the public we serve and of those that work for the Sheriff’s Department.