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Patrol Division


The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed police services for the Sheriff’s Office. The primary role of the Patrol Division is to provide law enforcement services to the citizens of Geary County. Day-to-day operations include traffic enforcement, accident investigation, criminal investigation and reporting, crime prevention and detection, and response to other emergencies.

Included in the Patrol Division are the K-9 Unit, Criminal Interdiction Team, Drug Operations Group and the Sheriffs Posse Unit. These units support the primary function for the Division.

Sheriff’s Deputies are selected along with Officers from the Junction City Police Department and Grandview Plaza Police Department to serve on the Tactical Response Team.  The Tactical Response Team is a highly trained, tactical response unit that supports the emergency response role of the Patrol and Investigations Divisions for all law enforcement agencies in Geary County. This group of officers is called upon to serve high-risk search warrants, manage barricaded suspects, and resolve hostage situations with the primary objective to preserve life.