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Civil Process


Laura Rhoades

Laura Rhoades

Civil Process Clerk

Laura Rhoades was born and raised in Kansas.  She began her career with the Geary County Sheriff’s Office in 2004 as an Office Assistant and was promoted to Office Assistant II prior to leaving the Sheriff’s Office in 2008 when her daughter was born.  After being a stay at home mom, as well as working other administrative management jobs, she returned to the Geary County Sheriff’s Office in 2013.

Shortly after Laura’s rehire as an Office Assistant, she was promoted to the Civil Process Section.  In 2016, Laura was promoted to Operations Assistant, adding multiple administrative duties to her daily work schedule.  Laura is on the board of the Community Involvement Team and volunteers her time, helping with community activities involving the Sheriff’s Office.

Laura has two children and they enjoy camping, fishing and exploring the outdoors.

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